Be the good financial steward of your family.

We offer financial services to help you make wise financial decisions for your family.

The Webster Family

How can we help you?

Hello. We’re Duayne and Tiffiny Webster. We love helping folks like you understand how to become good financial stewards of your household.

Houses of Worship & Non-profits

  • Fundraising Programs
  • Solar to Reduce Utility Costs
  • Solar Financing– Power Purchase Agreements, Leases

Solar & Home Efficiency Services

  • Solar to Lower Utility Costs
  • Home Battery Storage to Reduce Dependence on the Grid
  • Heating & Air Conditioning to Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce Costs
  • Roofing to Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Real Estate Services

  • Home Loans to Get the Best Interest Rate
  • Home Refinancing to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • Realtor Services to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar
  • Credit Repair to Qualify for Best Interest Rates

Solar for Churches

We can help your church go Solar! Lending guidelines now make it possible for churches to receive financing.

Residential Solar

Learn how a customized Residential Solar system can lower your electric bill and save you money! Using your energy usage data, we will design a system with select panels just for you!

Home Re-Finance

A home re-finance of your current mortgage can save money and help you leverage your buying power.

Credit Repair

Our credit repair services can help you pay off debt, re-build your credit, increase your credit score, and become a more qualified buyer!

Duayne and Tiffiny are proud BRANCH PARTNERS of The Vine.

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